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The most valuable resource in our opinion today are time and information. Every day we are working to ensure that services are provided by the Company, save your time and provide quick and easy access and exchange of information.

Now we pay special attention to the development of our online representation, as we believe this tool the most important and effective to solve the above described problems.

Note that in the intervening period the average annual attendance of our site was about 5,000 calls a day, which already suggests that is the leader of the dance resources of Ukraine. But we see great opportunities for the development of resources and improve the quality of services provided. Therefore, the new season is changing not only the look of the site, but also significantly improved its functionality.

There are 54102 dancers and 434 results of the competitions in our data base. Each dancer database dedicated to the personal page - a kind of "Chronicle", which saved all the results will take into account scores, grades, ratings, as well as photo and video files.

In addition, from their personal pages, you can apply and register for the tournament, advertise, manage their own photo and video galleries.

It is no secret that 90% of people who are looking for a dance club or school to start taking classes start searching on the Internet. Obviously, each sports and dance club, studio or school must have an Internet agency. Note that this requires certain costs of financial resources and time. From searching the internet user, a prospective student, a dancer of your club (studio) is adjudged first in the large dance resources, one of which is TancmirTM portal.

Already here, visitors can get to the personal page of your club, which has the functionality of a site in the site. It is important that the page of your club is already partially filled with information as well as the results of the competition, which was attended by students of the club are stored in our database and will be automatically displayed on the page. But these opportunities are not limited to a personal page.

Briefly consider all sections of the club Personal page.

Dancers In this tab contains a complete list of participants in the club with the transition to the personal page of each
Coaches In this tab contains a complete list of leaders of the club with the transition to the personal page of each
Couples List couples club
Results In this section you can find the results of the competition, which was attended by students of the club, and who are in our database
Club life in this section provides information in a free form, whatever you want to talk about events in the life of the club
About club General Information About the Club
Schedule Schedule of the classes
Photo & Video Unit for placing photos and video materials

Opening the personal page of your club online you receive the following benefits:

  • You have at your disposal a ready-made site of your club, partially filled with information, saving money for its development;
  • You have access to the page administrator rights with the ability to manage its content;
  • Your club will be placed at the most visited dance Resource of Ukraine (about 5000 visits per day);
  • Our specialists are at your will can provide support and content of the site;
  • You get ready advertising platform for your club.
To activate Personal page of your Club please contact with us by

Needless to say that information and advertising support dance event is the most important tool to attract dancers and spectators. And the most effective tool for today is the Internet.

In this regard, the most important step is the creation of the Internet of representation, which will be gathered all the information about your event: place, time, schedule, news, results, photos and videos, and others.

Development, and most importantly the support of Internet representation requires time and financial resources.

Especially for the organizers, we offer a platform - "Personal Page Tournament", which is essentially a site to site.

Opening your personal page on the website of the tournament you receive the following benefits:

  • the order of 5000 (and in the future this figure, we are sure, will continue to grow) the daily visitors to our site will see the announcement of your event on the home page;
  • through a special online registration module built into the personal page of potential participants can make an application to register by paying the entry fee, select and print room (under development function "entry ticket");
  • to serve their personal pages will be allocated an individual manager, which is the first requirement is to make any kind of information on a personal page;
  • note that you save on the resources to develop and support a single site.

Brief sections personal page.

Info this section contains general information about the tournament organizer, venue, date, Entre form, information about sponsors, other information
News Section for all kinds of announcements and news
Applications Displays information about the current status of registration for the tournament
Results In this section you can find the results of this tournament.
Online tournament on this page shows the status of the tournament in real time: the registration information, per-minute tournament program, the results of a previous round, the current approaches, the detailed results from the evaluation of judges.
The tables on this page e-mail reservations are made
Photo & Video Section with photo and video
History Tournament’s results of previous years if they are in the database.

To activate Personal page send your request to e-mail adress
or contact our manager by phone (044) 2229977.